A New Word On The Letter B: Russia Was Flooded With Barbershops

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A New Word On The Letter B: Russia Was Flooded With Barbershops
white towel, shaving brush, shaving cream. and, in reality, shaving. a forty-2d clip, wherein the bristles are well eliminated from the face of Nikita Mikhalkov, wearing an imperial uniform. exactly the same as in the film "Siberian Barber" nearly two decades ago. nicely, of direction, brandy mustaches - did no longer contact.

that it all method - the director himself does now not specify. best winks mysteriously in the finale. Some cautioned: that is the declaration of the continuation of the film itself. others are sure: in truth - an advertising video of a new task. who has not anything to do with cinema. they say, Mikhalkov decided to open his very own barbershop. and even a network of barbershops at some stage in Russia. the call - "the Siberian barber" - quite appropriate. you can say: a geared up, demonstrated logo. and even unwind will not have to. The web page where the go back record is already created has already been created. it seems that the precise solution may be obtained on Thursday. so, it is necessary to be patient. but at the same time as I want to take a position: if it's genuine - about beard reducing, isn't always Nikita Mikhalkov afraid of severe opposition?
on request "barbershop" the maximum famous Internet search engine in Russia produces 18 million effects. at least the first 10 - with factors, what is it typically. "If you do no longer already understand what a barbershop is and maintain with a sad look to shave inside the morning, this text is especially for you! Thousands of men around the world have forgotten what a safe razor is, and with a chilly gaze of the Viking go to men's barbers shave a risky blade and enjoy the refined method of barber. "

a phrase that a couple of years in the past within the u . s . did now not even hear, got here to us at the side of "falafel", "coworking" and "mitbols." oddly sufficient, not handiest in Moscow. The largest network these days has several hundred factors in fifty three towns. no longer that the population has hairiness improved, simply strangled masculinity, it seems, you need an outlet. "The men themselves preferred to create one of these mini guys's membership, wherein they do not intrude with ladies, they are able to retire, socialize, get acquainted, maybe smoke, there, talk, play unique games for themselves." The vintage fashion is said to return returned, it truly is all, " - considers Anvar Vychilov, famous person stylist.

a fixed of services will provide odds to the girls's department. there may be, as an instance, "waxing with shaving," "royal shaving" or "camouflage grey" - the phrase "paint" of this brutal, reputedly, embarrasses. but the foremost object of care, of route, is a beard. "The beard is simply too intimate, furthermore, a few guys agree with that the beard is usually sacred! people are embarrassed, because women behave otherwise when a person sits in a corridor - in another way, they're every now and then aggressive, they need to draw upon themselves and at that second the man wishes something to lie down on the podstavochku, relax, and not continually it seems in the common room, "- explains sergei beasts, absolutely the champion of Europe, the sector champion in hairdressing art.

barbers - now not yet fashionable, however as a need - regarded for lots centuries before our technology. in historic China was even lo-tszu - a unique god-purchaser of hairdressers. a model for imitation of modern day hipsters at one time served guys who hung out among bounty looking and pogroms of saloons inside the wild west. The modern-day set of methods for the so-known as "lamberseksuala" - grooming, pedicure or eyebrow correction - cowboys, possibly, might be envied. Well, or no longer.

"Metrosexuals - they paid a lot of significance to their appearance, and plenty of attributed some gay inclinations, and so on. However, nonetheless, note: those men even have a large, close interest to their appearance, even, I could say, extra than metrosexuals. "As a consultant in psychology, a sexologist is very interested by this," notes Andrzej Poliansky, a sexologist.

however, nothing personal - just business. The identical barbershop is, for example, within the case of Timati. his colleague in the style of basta successfully trades in wapes. sergey

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