The 5 Minute Guide to the Law of Attraction (EASY QUICK MANIFESTATION GUIDE)

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This video is the 5 Minute Quick Guide to Manifestation. I'm going to show you everything that you really need to know. This short video so that you have of it you can come back to anytime you need a reminder of what to do with the Law of Attraction. Transcript below...

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This video is the five minute quick guide to manifestation. I'm going to show you everything that you really need to know. This short video so that you have of it you can come back to anytime you need a reminder of what to do. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now this video I'm going to be sharing with you that five minute guide to manifestation and what I wanted to do is really put this into a condensed form because even though I talk about this a lot on my channel the whole process of the real understanding of the Law of Attraction. I wanted to put it in a video that you could maybe come back to any time you need a step by step process that becomes very simple because the simple things are always the easiest to apply.
So with that being said as I see in almost all my videos we don't always get that which we want but we always get a reflection of who we are being. Now some people don't like it when I say that but the true power of knowing this is that who we are being in the present moment is compiled of the thoughts we're thinking the feelings that we have and the actions that we're taking and many of the blocks that we can have can be from thinking that we want something but knowing that our beliefs aren't aligning to it or that our focus is skewed out there and it's kind of dispersed to where there's not that tunnel vision. So the first step to this process has to do simply with decision simply decide what you want to experience simply decide who you want to become and understand that rather than wanting something outside of yourself to come in real life.
It's more about who you are being when you come at it from that frame. It requires more of an inner understanding than an outer seeking because even though you might seek something outside of yourself the truth is that you are already whole and complete. You can give your self validation and when you come at it from this frame everything begins to change. So make the decision of who you prefer to be. Make the decision of the characteristics that you want to have as you focus on the decision for what you want and you can still have those external desires but realize it's coming from a deeper sense that you are already whole and complete. That's when things begin to align in a much easier way.
So make a decision of what you want to experience the moment you decide that what happens is as you focus on that the subconscious mind will then start to look for avenues. The R.A. as the reticular activating system of your brain will start to look for those patterns and that's when you can then decide and realize that more momentum will continue to build. The second step has to do with either invocation or meditation. Now the idea under this step is what we do is we create new patterns within ourselves we create new connections new neuro associations to what we want to experience. Now an easy way to do this is when you are meditating or when you're in a very relaxed state. Imagine as if you already have that which you want to experience. Imagine the best possible version of yourself as you imagine that what you are doing is you are creating new patterns within yourself you're allowing yourself to then resonate to then feel as if it is already happening.
And as you do that you are creating that energy pattern within yourself so that as you are beat it there's a likelihood then it's more probable you will see the reflection of what you want in your life. And as I say it's more about who you are be so feel into it. Understand that as you feel into it you are creating and increasing the momentum towards what you want to experience and that from that point the third step is denied the physical action. The truth is is we are having a physical experience. So in order to open up opportunities in our life in order to bring ourselves closer to that which we want to experience we can then take action.
And as we take action we are opening up opportunities and we are allowing ourselves to resonate with the best possible version of yourself. Now the key to this is doing what you are passionate about because when you're doing what you're passionate about it doesn't feel like work. When I create videos it's my passion. And even though I'm working really hard because the idea is I'm creating videos every day I'm doing a whole bunch of different...

This video is about The 5 Minute Guide to the Law of Attraction (EASY MANIFESTATION GUIDE)

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