Top 25 Top Down Shooter Android & iOS Games

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Best Top Down Shooter Games for Android & iOS Good Graphics one(Mostly are twin stick shooter Games).

So this time top down shooter I spent lot of time in searching and recording, this 25 I found best hope you find some cool games to play :)

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Note:- Not all games are available for iOS but every game is on android except halo spartian strike.

Following are timings and names of games I mentioned in the list:-

1)0.28- Slugterra: Dark Waters
2)1.00- Call of mini Squads
3)1.20- Gun Bros 2
4)1.47- Deadlock Online
5)2.08- Guns for Hire
6)2.44- Broken Dawn: Trauma- Also Check broken dawn 1,2 alien zone for more levels they are all like same
7)3.10- Bug heroes 2
8)3.42- Decompression
9)3.54- Tiny Troopers 2
10)4.25- Fantashooting 2
11)4.48- Global Outbreak
12)5.25- GTA: Chinatown Wars
13)6.05- Halo Spartan Strike- also check spartan assault:- only available on iOS.
14)6.22- Lara Croft Guardian of light
15)6.46- Zombiewood
16)7.22- Meltdown
17)7.50- Monster Shooter Platinum
18)8.15- Payback 2
19)8.45- SAS: Zombie Assault 4
20)9.14- Space Marshals 2
21)9.53- Total Recoid
22)10.21- Xenowerk
23)10.44- Zombie Breakout: Blood & Chaos
24)11.18- Zombie Shooter
25)11.48- The Silverbullet

Ingame Songs:-
1)Janji- Falling Stars(Feat TR):-
2)Vinze- Nothing Better(Ft Reece Lemonius):-
Reece lemonius-
3)Jim Yosef- Voices:-
4)Tobu- Such Fun:-

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